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 Dear Poetry Lover, Here you will find a large collection of Sad Poetry, like urdu Poetry, Love Poetry, sad poetry, Poetry for Friends and many more. If you are looking for the best Pakistani Urdu poetry, You have come to the right place. We have collected all the world resources regarding Sad poetry. Urdu poetry. This is a continuous project. We would update it weekly with best Sad Poetry, Urdu poetry, Urdu Ghazals, Urdu Poems, and many more poetry topics.

I am young and always want to remain young; magic can do that. Poet’s practice magic with their poetry. When I read poems, it reveals its truth to me. Poetry is an art and a way of revealing truth, telling untold stories and stories inside stories.

It doesn’t know any borders but still it knows many languages. It gives me independence and speaks powerfully to me. It gives me advice but stays quiet – I will follow or not, it’s my choice. It asks me some questions and answers many.

Poetry is a buried feeling in words and many poets are enigmatic and undiscovered. Sometimes it is a story, sad, funny, and full of humor which life plays with people. It tells about life, death, people, world, country, nature, people who strive, tragic events in people’s life…..etc.

Poetry is of immense appeal. When it is invisible we can create pictures in our mind and discover them. It is a great metaphor in itself and creates simile of its own. It is not beautiful but a treasury of synonyms of the word beautiful; it is the best way to increase vocabulary. I love reading poems.

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